Secret of the Med Estates

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Secret of the Med Estates

Northern Cyprus is the Best Kept Secret of the Mediterranean!

Northern Cyprus enjoys a typical Eastern Mediterranean climate with long hot summers and short mild winters. The northern coastline, which borders the Kyrenia mountain range, is accepted as one of the most beautiful areas in the worlKirina Harbourd in which to live. The natural beauty of the island, the lovely climate, the warmth and generosity of the Turkish -Cypriot people and the abundant selection of fresh foods make Northern Cyprus an unspoilt and non-commercialised haven. There is virtually no crime to speak of, and the country is reminiscent of UK standards long lost, where hospitality, politeness and the general enjoyment of life are the daily norm. Northern Cyprus is a sophisticated, charming place where tourism exists, but does not yet dominate its unique landscape.

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Heres just a couple of exciting facts relating to Secret of the Med Estates' properties in Northern Cyprus:

  • New properties are within a short drive of a brand new championship golf course, due to be opened in Spring 2006 in Esentepe.
  • There is a brand new 400 berth Marina currently being built at Bahceli which will attract a lot of attention to Northern Cyprus.
  • Breathtaking scenery, and a wealth of fascinating heritage can be found all over this beautiful island.
  • The amount of potential for profit and investment growth in North Cyprus is inimitable, prices still have such a long way to go.
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